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www.g36.com | ocd
EK's website. Nice clean art, cute girl. ^_~
   Laura-chan!!! Waah, I can't say enough about Laura...especially since she hosts my site. XD But she's an excellent artist, and I admire her art a lot! *o* Not really an artsite, this is part manga/song translation site, part winamp skins site. Still, it's a beautiful site, and I visit it often. ^_^ Jo-chen's artsite. Beautiful, almost gritty, sometimes photorealistic artwork. Met her with Jaki at AX2001.


 L'arc~en~Ciel | Gackt | TAKUI | FAKE?

Leareth's lovely fanfiction. *o*
The best Ranma fanfic. Really. Its as if Ranma never stopped being produced!Probably one of the only fanfics I've invested 2+ years in. Simply wonderful Ranma fiction, Krista also writes Kenshin, FF7 and Inuyasha fics!
The ultimate site for Yami no Matsuei content. Has just about everything, and then links for what it doesn't have.